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Did you know you can teach your cat tricks? That’s right! Your furry friend can learn fun things like coming when called, sitting, and even giving a high five. Teaching your cat can be a super fun way to play together. You will get to know each other better and your cat will have a great time, too. Cats like having things to do and enjoy routines just like us. When you spend time teaching your cat, you’re adding a cool new routine to your day!

Experts say cats love learning new stuff, especially when it means they get treats or play time. You might think cats do whatever they want, but they can learn to do tricks if you teach them. This helps them feel happy and can stop them from being naughty. So, get ready to bond with your cat in an amazing new way!

Key Takeaways

  • Teaching your cat tricks is fun and good for them.
  • Learning tricks makes you and your cat closer.
  • Cats like doing the same things every day, like trick training!
  • Training can help cats not do things we don’t like.
  • Playing with your cat is a great way to make them happy.

The Surprising Ease of Training Cats

Have you ever heard someone say that cats can’t learn tricks? Well, that’s not true! Cats are smart and can learn to do fun things, just like dogs can. In fact, teaching your cat some cool tricks can be pretty easy and a lot of fun. Plus, it’s a great way to play and make your bond with your kitty even stronger.

Debunking the Myth: Cats Can Learn Tricks

Some people might think cats are too independent to listen, but that’s not the case. Cats can be great at cat obedience and learning easy cat tricks. With yummy treats and a little patience from you, they can learn to give high-fives, sit, and even come when you call them. It’s all about finding the right way to show them what to do.

Bonding Through Training: Strengthening Your Relationship

When you spend time playing and learning with your cat, you get to know each other better. This special time can make your cat trust and love you even more. You can teach your cat tricks through interactive cat play, which makes learning feel just like a game.

Health Benefits: Mental Stimulation and Physical Exercise

Training isn’t just fun—it’s good for your cat’s brain and body, too. Doing tricks keeps their mind busy and helps them stay fit. Think of it like a puzzle that also gets you to stretch and move. It’s especially helpful for indoor cats since they might not run and climb as much as outdoor kitties.

Remember, the key is to make training feel like a game with rewards. This will keep your cat excited and happy to learn new things with you!

Establishing Routines: The Backbone of Successful Cat Training

When you start to train your cat for some successful cat tricks, it’s kind of like when you do the same thing every day so you don’t forget—like brushing your teeth or putting on your shoes before you go out. Cats really dig that kind of routine too. It helps them know what to expect so they can get good at things, like learning cool tricks.

A super tip for making cat training routines is to do the training at the same time and place. Maybe pick a corner in your living room and say, “This is where we learn fun stuff!” and always go there for training time. It’s just like your friend who knows they’ll get a snack at your house after school every day—they start looking forward to it!

And hey, don’t forget about what you give your cat for doing something awesome. Maybe they go nuts for those little crunchy treats or maybe they just want a good chin scratch. Whatever it is, keep it the same so they know, “I do the trick, I get the treat.” That’s their reward system.

You want your kitty to think, “Training time is fun time!” So grab your treats, pick your spot, and start small with those tricks. Before you know it, your cat could be the next big star, flashing those successful cat tricks at everyone!

cat training routines

  • Choose a training time—maybe after dinner when your cat’s all pumped and ready to play.
  • Find a good spot in your house, one without lots of noise or toys that could make kitty think about other stuff.
  • Decide on rewards. If your cat is a foodie, some yummy treats will do the trick. Otherwise, a few cuddles might just be their jam.

Remember, the goal isn’t just doing the trick; it’s about having fun learning together. So keep those cat training sessions light and joyful, and watch as your cat’s cat learning habits turn into cool, show-off-worthy tricks!

Training Cats to Perform Tricks: What You Need to Get Started

Are you ready to teach your cat some cool tricks? Before you begin, you’ll need to gather a few things to help make learning fun and effective for your kitty. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need for a successful cat training setup.

Choosing the Right Space for Training

A quiet and cozy spot is perfect for training. Pick a place where your cat feels safe and there are no loud noises to scare them. Your living room or a spare room could work great. Just make sure it’s a place where you and your cat can focus without being disturbed.

Tools of the Trade: Clickers, Treats, and Toys

For clicker training, a tiny gadget called a clicker is super handy. When your cat does something right, you click it, and your cat will know they did a good job. Also, grab some yummy treats or fun toys that your cat goes crazy for. These will help your cat stay interested and excited about learning new tricks.

Setting Up for Your First Training Session

Now that you’ve got the right spot and tools, it’s time to start training. But remember, keep it short and fun. Cats learn best when they’re having a great time!

Cat Training Tools

Here’s a list of things you might want to have before you start training your cat:

  • A comfy mat or bed for your cat to sit on
  • A clicker
  • Your cat’s favorite treats, the more delicious, the better!
  • A few toys that make your cat happy, like a feather wand or a little ball

Now you’re all set! You’ve chosen a super spot for training, you have some cool cat training tools, and you’re ready to try clicker training. You and your cat are going to have so much fun together!

Simple and Fun Tricks to Teach Your Feline Friend

Is your cat ready to learn some new tricks? With patience and treats, you can teach them cool things like teaching ‘come’, doing the ‘sit’ command, and giving a ‘high five’. Let’s make cat trick training fun and easy for you and your kitty!

The Art of ‘Come When Called’

To start, use a clicker when your cat looks at you, and give them a treat. This is their first step in learning. Then, you can stand back and say, “Come”, and when they do, click and treat! It’s like a fun game of tag where they get yummy snacks for finding you.

Mastering the ‘Sit’ and ‘Sit Pretty’ Commands

For the ‘sit’ command, hold a treat over their head. When their bum touches the ground, click and treat! If you want to go further, teach them to ‘sit pretty’ by holding the treat higher until they sit up on their back legs. It’s like they’re saying, “Look at me!”

‘High Five’: Teaching Your Cat an Impressive New Trick

For a ‘high five’, hold a treat just above their shoulder. When they reach out, let them have it, and say “Good job!” Soon, they’ll be giving high fives with just your hand as a cue. Everyone will be amazed by how smart and cool your cat is!

Remember these tips for a happy and smart kitty:

  • Keep lessons short and fun.
  • Never get mad if they don’t get it right away, just try again later.
  • Use treats that your cat loves, so they really want to learn!


When you spend time teaching your cat new tricks, you do so much more than just play. You build a strong friendship with your pet, help their mind and body stay active, and teach them how to behave better. Successful cat training is all about being patient, using the right tools like clickers and treats, and knowing how cats think and learn. Positive reinforcement cat training, which means giving treats or praise for good actions, makes learning new things fun and rewarding for your furry buddy.

Every cat is different and they will learn at their own pace. What’s important is to keep trying and to enjoy all the little steps forward. Enriching cat tricks are not just for show, they make life happier and healthier for both you and your cat. Remember that the time you spend together is special, and these training moments are just another way to show love and care.

So, keep up the good work, be kind and patient, and you’ll see how your cat can surprise you with what they can do. Teaching your cat tricks is a journey you both take together, full of fun moments and learning opportunities. Enjoy every bit of it and watch your wonderful pet impress you with their smarts and skills!


Can cats really be trained to perform tricks?

Absolutely! Cats can learn a variety of tricks including ‘come when called’, ‘sit’, and ‘high five’. Training not only provides mental and physical stimulation but also strengthens the bond between you and your cat.

What are some benefits of training my cat?

Training offers numerous benefits, such as preventing destructive behavior, curbing weight gain, and reducing the chances of depression. It also fosters social interactions and keeps cats mentally engaged and physically active.

How do I establish a training routine with my cat?

Start by setting regular training times, choosing a specific, distraction-free space, and using consistent rewards. Cats thrive on routine, and establishing these will make your cat more receptive to training sessions.

What tools do I need for cat training?

The essentials include a clicker or any object that makes a clicking sound, and your cat’s favorite treats or toys that are not commonly given outside of training. These help in clearly marking desired behaviors and motivating your cat.

How do I teach my cat to ‘come when called’?

Begin by clicking and rewarding any attention your cat gives you. Gradually increase the distance and introduce a consistent cue word such as “Come” to signal the behavior you want.

What is the correct way to teach my cat the ‘sit’ and ‘sit pretty’ commands?

For ‘sit’, use a treat to lure your cat’s head upwards until their rear touches the ground, click and reward at that moment. ‘Sit pretty’ builds on that by holding the treat higher still until your cat sits on their hind legs. Ensure you mark the behavior with a click and reward promptly.

Can I teach my cat to give a ‘high five’?

Yes, you can teach the ‘high five’ trick by encouraging your cat to touch a treat at shoulder level, then transitioning to them touching your empty hand, and introducing the verbal cue “High five” as you practice. Remember to click and reward each successful attempt.

How long should training sessions be?

Keep training sessions brief and engaging. Cats have short attention spans, so it’s best to have multiple short sessions rather than one long one. This ensures that your cat stays interested and doesn’t get overstressed or bored.

What should I do if my cat doesn’t perform a trick correctly?

Never punish your cat for incorrect attempts. Instead, simply ignore the mistake and try again. Always maintain a positive and encouraging attitude to keep the training experience enjoyable for your cat.

How long will it take for my cat to learn a new trick?

Every cat learns at their own pace, so patience is key. Some cats may pick up a new trick quickly, while others may take more time. Celebrate small improvements and stay consistent with your training methods.

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