Mind Mapping for Business and Study with Freeplane

This week something new about using Mind Mapping to help your business and study efforts using superb free Freeplane software.

I started to write some words detailing how Mind Mapping changed my life. Then I realised that the only way to demonstrate that is through a video rather than the written word.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a movie is worth 16 pictures per second.

My Mind Mapping video is a tightly edited 19 minutes 36 seconds. I do not try to teach you to use the open source software. Rather I try to show you what the software will do for you, your business, and your kids at school. (The software is free, by the way.)

My first Mind Mapping efforts, with pencil and paper, upped my 1975 Matric results from five D’s and one F to five B’s and one D. That was enough to get me into UCT Medical School. I have been hooked since.

I will not waste your time. If you are not blown away by the content feel free to invoice me for your wasted time. (That’s an offer you won’t see too often!)

Disclaimer: This invoice-me offer is only open to listed PetesWeekly readers, and only until midnight Wednesday July 27, 2016 SA Time.

Genuinely, I am testing a new way of sharing ideas and I need your feedback please.

Please check it out.

Please give it a thumbs up (or otherwise). I value all feedback.

Then please share it on Facebook, Linkedin and/or Twitter. I am testing a few ideas and I will share the results soon. If this works then expect many more videos like this.

Then download the Mind Mapping software here and try it yourself. You will be amazed at how much value it adds to your efforts.

Map of the Mind Mapping for Business and Study Video

The Map in the Video…

Free Answers to Your Business Questions

Peter Carruthers freely shares 32 years of small business experience, including 13 years of living online in SA, England and Norway, to answer readers business questions.

Business Questions about Going Online

  • I’m interested in making a living online?
  • Looking for ideas to sell on the Internet
  • Do I know anyone who has succeeded with Bitcoin or Online trading?
  • Does Affiliate marketing work?
  • If I run a successful online website selling a product, (in South Africa), and find that I start receiving overseas requests for the same product, is it a good idea to open a duplicate of the .co.za domain in the USA as a .net or other domain extension? Will this affect the SEO of the site?
  • How does one run an online business without a physical warehouse?

Business Questions about Online marketing

  • Must I sign up with someone to do Google Adwords?
  • Won’t my website automatically display?
  • How do I get onto the first page of Google’s search engine
  • How do you go about affiliate marketing in South Africa if none of the major online retailers have existing programs, or have such poor terms and conditions that it would not be profitable.
  • How important is social media such as twitter, Instagram, facebook, etc for your business. How prevalent is it for the South African space. Please specify order of importance.
  • What effective ways are there for an insurance and medical aid broker in the SA legislated environment to broaden your client base, using your current clientele?
  • How can I find new clients via the Internet inexpensively?

Business Questions about Online Payment Processing

  • We receive payments into our PayPal account from customers in the US. We want to pay our US suppliers from that account as well. Ever since FNB got into bed with PayPal we must transfer those funds into Rands. Can I keep ignoring those messages?
  • Which payment gateways do I recommend? Thinking about Payfast. What percentage should we be paying them?
  • I plan to offer courses, training and consulting from South America into the USA. How does this work from a third world country? How can I offer 1st world services online. Is there enough Internet? And how do I route the funds back to me?

Business Questions about moving from South Africa

  • LSD Working trial in Mauritius. Local Government demanding excessive paperwork
  • Planning a move to Mauritius end 2017. Business Consulting Service. How can we get traction from here. How best can we move there. How best can we duplicate the model there.


About Saying “No”…

We South Africans struggle to say “No”. Most English-speaking people face this. Norwegians do not.

As we grow older our stream of “No” defines our legacy better than our stream of “Yes”. After 58 years I cannot remember one instance of a “No” costing me spiritually or financially. I recall many “Yes” replies that derailed me, some massive train wrecks.

Our South African style demands that we follow our “No” with some valid reason.

At the very least we’re expected to follow the “No” with a “Thank you,” as in “Thank you for asking me to help you fix your car.” In Norway a “No” is unadorned with niceties. When asking for something here even a “please” is absent most of the time.

Anyone may ask. It’s in the Bible. But answering ”No” is as valid as “Yes”. A “No” is not a rejection of your personhood. It means that, right now, the person you’re asking faces their own issues. Respect those.

When I first started consulting with business owners facing closure many people asked for help. I always said “Yes”.

Some were utterly broke. They’d delayed for so long that few options remained to improve their lot. I noticed extreme procrastination, a bad tactic in the face of closure.

These same people listened intently for an hour while I bought the coffee. They wanted someone to listen to the wrongs dealt to them, not resolution. I called this counselling.

Other folk would pay for my time. They bought coffee, and sometimes a smoked-salmon bagel. They dived into action after each meeting. I called this consulting.

The pattern became painfully clear. Over a decade just a fingerful of the non-payers took action. I stopped meeting with them. Not a rejection of these folk, but an acceptance that time invested with paying clients helped all of us.

Paying clients meant I fed my kids, and the commitment ensured they attacked their issues. Contrast this with non-paying folk where my kids went hungry and the advice-recipient got no better.

Defaulting to “No” is a better way to stay on track than the alternative.